Light Demolition.

If you have a structure that needs to come down and be hauled away safely and in a timely manner give swift junk removal a call we can get it taken care of the right way.


Do you have an unsafe structure that needs to go?

Need help removing unwanted structures? Call in the experts at Swift Junk Removal can Help! Our team will safely break down and remove anything from fences to playsets, decks to hot tubs, and much more.

Shed and Barn Demolition.

Do you have a leaning shed or barn? Sheds, barns, and other structures can become very unsafe when they began to lean or haven't been maintained in some time, Swift Junk Removal can demo any shed in a safe and efficient way. We bring in the right machines and tools to get the job done the right way the first time.

Our Tulsan friends never have to worry when swift junk removal is on the job as we are careful in our process of removal and we are insured for your protection keeping both you and your neighbors safe in the complete demolition of the project. We provide shed demolition in Tulsa and surrounding areas. Want to see if we can service your area? Go Here.

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barn demolition in progress provided by swift junk removal of tulsa, ok

Our Process for Demo.

Demolition and Cleanup
1. We start your project with careful planning and working out all the detail of the job
2. We begin the demo process
3. Once everything is safely on the ground we begin the clean up phase.

Hauling and Disposal
1. Once the trucks are loaded and tarped for transport
2. We take the waste materials to the proper recycling center where it can be appropriately recycled and disposed of.

shed demolition swift junk removal barn demo

We do more than sheds demolition.

We do all kinds of light demolition projects including:
• Sheds - Leaning Sheds are real hazard.
• Barns - Old unmainted barns are very unsafe and needs a professional like Sieft Junk Removal to take down properly.
• Decks and Ramps - If you have a compromised railing system or any dry rotted boards you'd better be very careful and make sure to get a right guys on the job. Better yet let swift junk removal demo your deck and ramps, we service many locations around Tulsa, OKlahoma even as far as Claremore, OK.
• Fencing - We can remove fencing and most posts on your property.
• Playsets - Anything unsafe and hazardous to a child needs to come down immediately, we can even do same day demolition projects, just let us know and we will swing by and give you a FREE quote on your project.

falling over fencing needs a demo

Upfront and Honest Prices.

Our pricing is upfront and always honest, we come out and quote your light demo and removal project for FREE going over both the price and process of the demolition.
Then get started or set up a date for the project. BOOK A FREE QUOTE HERE.

One of the things that set us apart from the other guys is our firm pricing. We tell you what it will cost and that's it. We offer very affordable demo and removal because we can keep our costs down as we are not a large franchise that has to pay for their dues and contracts, we are a local junk removal and demolition business that is ready to serve our Tulsa and Broken Arrow community.

swift junk removal demo walls

Broken Arrow, Tulsa, and Owasso Demolition and Removal.

If you've been thinking about getting a small structure tore down let Swift Junk Removal demo, haul away and dispose of properly. We have the right equipment and machines to get the project done in a safe and efficient process. We are happy to offer light demolition to our Tulsa neighborhoods and its surrounding areas.

Light Demolition Projects We Often Do:

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You Point It Out, We Load It Up.

Only pay for you the items you want to be hauled away.
No hidden fees or costs, just fast and easy junk removal services.

1. Book a free quote.

We make it super simple to get your free no-obligation quote, you can call at (918) 202-5199 or text to book an appointment, the process is very quick.

2.We provide a quote.

Once we see what you have, we give you an upfront price range based on what you have. But as always we can load as much or as little as you like.

3. We load & haul it off.

If you like the price, we can load and haul it away on the spot. You can rest assured you're doing the right thing as nearly everything we haul away goes responsibly to recycling centers.

We're here to help get your demo projects safely removed.

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We are your full service junk removal company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

If you're looking for local a junk removal company, light demolition or cleanouts then we can certainly help you. We are a team of licensed and insured professionals who care and will always show up on time, you might say we're here for the long haul.
- Chris Davidson
Swift Junk Removal Services.